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LO condemn the latest developments in Hong Kong

Internationellt LO strongly condemn the latest developments in Hong Kong when national security police announced arrest warrants on eight social movement activists.

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What the Chinese police are doing by issuing a reward to those who can tip off the police about the whereabouts of union representatives is pure harassment and goes against all international conventions such as ILO, International Labour Conventions C087 (Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention), which are applicable to Hong Kong.

  • LO strongly condemn the latest developments from the Chinese police and demands the police to desist the reprisals against union representatives.
  • Dismiss all charges against Christopher Mung Siu-Tat, former Chief Executive of the now defunct Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU).
  • China shall respect international labour and human rights standards.
  • China shall refrain from using the National Security Law in Hong Kong and immediately cease all arbitrary restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and association under the pretext of “national security”.

Åsa Törnlund
International Secretary
The Swedish Trade Union Confederation