Trade unions and the EU

International issues In addition to the national arenas, the EU is an important political forum for us in the union movement to pursue our trade union demands. The decisions made in the EU concern us all in our everyday life and have an impact on our future.

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Wage-earners' position

The diminishing importance of national borders signifies new challenges for trade union work. Increased competition results in insecure employment and puts wages and other working conditions under pressure.

Strengthening wage-earners position on the common EU labour market with free movement of goods, services, capital and labour, is an important task for the European trade union movement.

European Trade Union Confederation

European trade union cooperation is mostly carried out within the ETUC, European Trade Union Confederation. LO was one of the founders of the ETUC in 1973.

The Brussels office of the Swedish trade unions, run jointly by LO, TCO and Saco, covers current EU issues and supports the organisations and their member unions in their work for a European policy that guarentees wage-earners interests and needs.

Reports and statements - Trade unions and the EU

In order to take part and influence the debate, LO publishes a series of reports on the theme "Trade unions and the EU". The reports highlight important EU issues from a trade union perspective.  Both structural, long-term challenges and more topical issues are discussed. 

Union reflections on the economic crisis (pdf)

Democracy as an obstacle for free movement within the EU (pdf)

For a Social Europe (pdf)

Guest in reality (pdf)

When labour costs squeeze the price (pdf)

LO's Key European Issues 2014-2019 (pdf)

LO-TCO-Saco joint position on the future of the EU (pdf)